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David's first book is a 170 page novella set in the heart of the immigrant experience in the early 1920s through the 1950s, originating in Castelluzzo, Sicily and moving to America, finally landing in a small town in the midwest.

OF THIS EARTH is a story of a common man living an uncommon life. It is 1919 on the western coast of Sicily and from a simple misunderstanding on a barren hilltop, Francesco “Cicciu” Catanzaro’s world begins to unravel beyond his control.

His dissent is prompted by accusations from a landowner whose sheep has gone missing and is propelled forward in dreamlike sequences, away from the only life he has ever known. He finally lands on a ship, crossing the ocean to America, and finally to Flint Michigan, experiencing a new land, a new world — and determined to secure his rightful revenge.

The book has been called:

“Absolutely fantastic,” “magical and moving,” “rich and powerful,” “absolutely wonderful, moving and compelling,” “achingly beautiful with such awesome imagery”

OF THIS EARTH was published in 2015 by Lulu Press and sold exclusively there:


This collection of poems, stories, and essays from the members of Prairie Avenue Writers, a writers group in suburban Chicago, invite the reader to sit back and journey along with them through the events and circumstances of life.


David's story, "Eyeglasses Left on the Top of the Headboard in the Bedroom", is the first story in this anthology.

PRAIRIE AVENUE WRITERS: AN ANTHOLOGY is available exclusively through

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